Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Front Porch Face Lift

The weather today was perfect. I just love these warm days during the winter. I definitely wanted to take advantage of it and give my front porch a little face lift. I am working with a limited budget, so that always makes things a little more challenging.

Here is a picture of my bare porch...
Here are a few pictures after...

We already had the rocking chairs and plant stand from our last house. I bought the pillows from someone who used them to stage a house, so they only cost $5 each. I found 5 of the planters (all of them except the ones with the tulips) at Goodwill. It cost $23 for all of them, which kinda seemed like a lot to me at first for used pots, but I guess when you consider that those big planters are probably $30 each new, it's not so bad. I made the wreath out of some burlap that I re purposed from another project gone wrong (hey, it happens). I just had to get a wreath form for $5. The plants are what really ate up my budget. With plants and everything I ended up spending just under $100.

I'll be honest, gardening is NOT my thing. I definitely have a brown thumb. Hopefully I can keep these plants alive for a while. I still have a few things to tweak, but at least now my porch looks a little happier.

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  1. Unless, you're willing to build and construct a whole new patio, changing the furniture or wall color can make a great impact to the whole outlook of that part of the house. Though, your choice of pattern and furniture is to my liking. Congratulations on your new patio!

    Angelina Garcia