Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrifty Thursday- Easter Frocks

Today, I decide that I would begin the search for Easter frocks for the whole family. Usually, we splurge a little bit on our Easter outfits, and when I say splurge, I mean we still get things on sale, but when you have to buy shoes, pants, shirts, ties, dresses, bows, cardigans, all adds up. And Easter is usually when all the stores introduce their spring dressy lines, so you can't just get something on clearance (although a lot of kids' stores will have a 25% off sale). This year, I decided to set a budget- $100 for the whole family (that's $25 each). Normally, $25 for an outfit would be no problem for me and the kids (not so much for my husband, haha, men's clothes just cost more), but since Easter is when we first break out our spring clothes, we are staring from scratch with the kids' wardrobes.
I decided to start my search at one of my favorite gently used children's clothing stores, Once Upon A Child. To add to my challenge, I like my children to have coordinating outfits for special occasions. I want them to look like they go together when I take pictures. I was really wanting a bishop dress for my little girl and Once Upon A Child has just about the best prices on boutique brands that I have found. I stumbled upon this little beauty by Bow Peep. Similar items new would retail for about $50-$60, so $6.50 is a great deal.
Not quite, it's a bubble! They did not have any bishop dresses, or any other smocked dresses for that matter, but I decided it was still super cute for spring/summer and a great deal.
So back to the task at hand... Easter outfits!
I found this dress. It's not quite what I had in mind, but it definitely looks like an Easter dress. It's brand new with the tags still on it and it was $7.50. That's a lot better than the original price of $39. Now I just need shoes, socks, a bow, and a cardigan. I searched 5 different stores today and there is not a cardigan to be found in her size. It's probably going to be a little chilly this year since Easter is at the end of March. I might have to rethink the dress if I can't find a cardigan to go with it.
And for my little boy...
I got nothing! Well, I got him a few things, but nothing that will really work for Easter. And as far as trying to coordinate their outfits...this is going to be a real challenge. Maybe I can incorporate this shirt.

I got this Ralph Lauren Polo shirt on clearance at Belk for $8.50. Belk is the best place to get Ralph Lauren clothes. I have found Polo shirts for $3 there before. You can't beat that!
So my search for Easter clothes continues. I will keep you posted on my progress.

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