Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy School Year!

We had some friends over today for a little Back to School Party. Originally, I was just wanting to have a little play date, but then I realized that this will be the last lunch play date we'll be able to have for a while with the school schedule. My 4-year-old thinks it's a party every time people come over, so we decided to put together "Back to School" goody bags for all the kids.
 I didn't decide until yesterday that we would make goody bags, so it was pretty last minute. I found some super cute back to school printables HERE. The best part is, they were free! I waited to print them off until after I had already been to the store, and wouldn't you know, my printer ran out of red ink. Luckily, I had a red sharpie so I just colored in the apples. I think it looked OK.

I already had a bunch of crazy straws that I bought, no joke, like 2 years ago as a birthday party favor, but I ended up not using them. I'm glad to finally get them off my hands. I got the ribbon, bags, and everything else to fill them at Walmart. Each bag had a note pad, crayons, scissors, a glue stick, crazy straw, crackers, and fruit snacks. They ended up costing less than $2 for each one.

I hope everyone has a happy school year!

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